What is Rotary?

How do I become a member of Rotary?

What are the qualifications for membership?

What are the responsibilities of membership?

What are the attendance requirements?

How much are dues to Rotary International?

What is the minimum age to be in Rotary?

Are college students eligible for membership?

What is a Rotary e-club?


Regardless of race, creed, colour, and politics Rotary International is an organization that encourages open access to all. Rotary International is an organization of clubs who extends humanitarian service and promotes high ethical norms and values in business arena. It’s a secular organization. The members are called the Rotarians.

“Service above self” is the well known motto of the Rotarians. They seek to develop the acquaintance as an opportunity for service. Rotarians credit the merit of the all useful occupations and foster the elevated ethical values in personal, business, and community lives. They aim at developing a good will and peace in the world through the entrepreneurs and business professionals.

The objectives, however, set against the four way test, a concept developed by the Rotarian and entrepreneur Herbert J Taylor, to watch and observe whether the proposed or planned action is at all go well with the standard and norms of the spirit of the Rotarians.