• The Founder of Rotary  (Paul Harris' first autobiography, an excellent narrative of his early life.)

    "This narrative is the sincere and frank story of a great man—and only a great man could tell us such a story of his life as Paul has told us in the fellowship of Rotary. What may he not have to tell us at the close of another quarter century?"


  • This Rotarian Age (Harris' 2nd book, an excellent text on Rotary.)

    "At last, we have the story of Rotary by its Founder, Paul P. Harris. It is not merely a recital of what happened in 1905 or the years immediately following. It is an interesting story of Rotary — of yesterday, of today, and of tomorrow — written by one who had a fundamental idea and has witnessed and assisted in its development, and has developed with it. To Paul Harris, always a philosophic and persuasive leader in Rotary, the movement is greatly indebted. In the writing of this book he has again placed us all under deep obligation to him — for the accurate, fair, discerning, and appreciative manner in which he has analyzed what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen."


  • My Road To Rotary (Paul Harris' second autobiography, still in print today)  




Paul P Harris      The Founder Of Rotary, The World's First & Most International Service Club

Paul P Harris, the founder of Rotary, was born in Racine, Wisconsin, USA, on 19 April, 1868. Paul was the second of six children of his father George N Harris and mother Cornelia Bryan Harris. He was brought up in Wallingford, Vermont under the care of his paternal grandfather. He attained L.L.B from the University of Iowa and got the honorary L.L.D from the University of Vermont.


In his early life he worked as a newspaper reporter, a business teacher, stock company actor, and a cowboy. He widely explored USA along with Europe for selling marble and granite.

 In 1896 he started practice law in Chicago. One evening Paul visited the home of one of his friends and subsequently he came across a few tradesmen there. It was when he conceived the notion of a club that might develop a friendly spirit among the businessmen within small communities.

Eventually Paul Harris initiated the first Rotary Club on 23 February, 1905 with three other friends Silvister Schiele, a coal merchant, Gustavus Loehr, a mining engineer and Hiram Shorey, a merchant Tailor.

Paul Harris 1933 Rotary International Speech